Welcome to Saihou-ji

About Jhodo-Shu

Jodo-Shu (The Pure Land Sect), also known as Jodo Buddhism, is a branch of Pure Land Buddhism derived from the teachings of the Japanese monk Honen.
It follows the development of original Buddhism as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha. Over 800 years since the beginning of Jodo-Shu, Honen's teachings still continue to develop and to constitute a part of our daily life.
The chant, "Namu Amida Butsu", is the simple recitation of "Homage to Amida Buddha", "Rebirth in the pure land", and the center of Jodo-Shu practice and devotion.  It can be done at any time or any place.  It is the ideal way for us to embody the great compassion of Amida Buddha in our daily lives.


ABOUT Saihoji

Saihoji located in Kusatsu city was established in 912. In 1571, the authority at that time burned out many temples to have central Japan firmly under his control.  When this temple burned down, people rescued the charred Buddha statue and buried it in the rice paddy for fear of it being destroyed.  The story of buried statue was passed down as an oral tradition for over a period of years. 
Many years later, according to the tradition, the Buddha statue was dug up.  They were glad to have the Buddha statue back.  So they built Jizo-bosatsu which has an opening space in his abdominal area to enshrine the Buddha statue.Now, the Jizo-bosatsu was known as the patron deity of pregnant women, child-rising, and children’s health

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